revolutionizing the american thizz scene one reup at a time. hmu if you have questions or if you simply want to chat! ;) because if you were in the market for the goody goods and you wanted to make sure you had the best of the best, this is it. this is top of the line quality, that only seems to get better and better every damn time.

mdxx products:

[these are most of the latest european banger presses to hit the market! all affordable, domestically. if you have questions click here!]


  • Shivas (200-250ug +/- SWISS XTAL/NEEDLEPOINT 96% LSD-25)
  • Random prints (90-110ug +/- ~Silver LSD-25)

[kinda lacking in this dept atm, stay tuned.]


  • Special K (very HQ)
  • pfizer brand xan. bars
  • 8mg/2mg suboxone strips
  • 40mg original formula OCs

become aware and use your noggins. pillreports exists for a reason, it provides all kinds of useful information about the pill game both current and in general. if you wanna roll harder than everybody you know that isn’t already fucking with it, then this is your best bet. holler at me and I’ll gladly tell you whats up! this is what every member of the #thizzregime needs to have in their “fear & loathing suitcase”, no lie!