the selection has changed

and so has the source. hmu if have questions.

mdxx products:

[these are most of the latest european banger presses to hit the market! all affordable, available domestically. don’t miss out! if you have questions click here!]


  • lord shivas (200-250ug - fluff)
  • jubilee bunny hoffmans (200-220ug needlepoint)
  • alex grey hoffman: father of lsds (90-120ug needlepoint)
  • orange microdot (180-220ug needlepoint)
  • mescaline HCl


  • pfizer 2mg xan/bar
  • roche 10mg valium
  • 30mg addy ir

ill be disabling anon asks directly after I post this so if you want to get in contact with me you’ll need to have registered a tumblr account that is verified to send me asks. this is to weed out all of the retarded asks that usually lead to nothing but unwanted exposure. anyone who has been needing my help feel free to contact me and I will explain what the deal is. to anyone else feel free to browse and holler when you feel like it, although responding in a timely fashion is advised. thanks in advance~


orange wifi or white dominos (also is there a difference between the smaller/bigger dominoes)???

orange wifis contain 180-220mg of MDMA, dominos are 200-240mg based on all of the data I’ve seen for both presses the dominos are statistically the better choice. what do you mean bigger/smaller dominos? there is only ONE domino press circulating. The other european stamp youre probably thinking of is the Dice… which come in odd colors versus the dominos original off-white appearance.

I live in a little town and the drugs of choice here is meth and marijuana. How can I find a good contact for pills without creating suspicion?

probably leave the little town and go to events. you’ll typically have better luck finding a drug dealer in a populated area where a lot of people may be using drugs.

How are blue Canucks

low-medium dose of MDMA, there are a couple different reports on if you’re curious or want to research more into them.

Blue undefeated or yellow eagles?

blue undefeateds are a local press that contain a low-medium dose of MDMA content. definitely not as high as the yellow eagles, which are imported from the Netherlands and are strong as fuck. weighing in @ a heavy ~200mgs of MDMA. definitely watch your step with those if you’re a beginner at this kind of thing with a low tolerance.

People need to stop putting 2cb pills in with e pills it's annoying as poop!

it really only happens in Canada and Europe I think these days… at least frm what I’ve seen on PR over and over again lol. I personally detest the 2c family.

I'm in Southern California and coming across some red supermans. What's the deal with these? I heard they are a really good euro press. But for some reason I remember the supermans being bunk in the past.

you are correct, they have been bunk in the past several times over. however there is definitely a red superman press that originated in Europe and has been seen within the USA numerous times now.

they are in the cutout of the superman logo and are fat as fuck. you will know when you see them. they look fucking sick.