exclusive list of bunk/adulterated ecstasy in the united states of america (click to expand)

alright i’m back, with a longer list this time. keep yourselves safe kids, stop buying this bunk product that pressers are mass producing — and thinking that we will keep supporting the production! fuck those dudes, instead buy some real pills. I might make a list for that too, in the meantime here’s what you should AVOID buying.

blue star, green kangaroo - WASHINGTON, OREGON - piperazine

pink heart - washington, oregon - methamphetamine

pink, purple, light pink puma - texas - piperazine

blue monkey/BAPE/APE - california - methamphetamine

blue .G - quebec, canada - contents unknown, possible research chemical of some kind

red bape/ape/monkey - utah - possible piperazine or non-active, did not react to ANY testing reagents

pink supermario cutout - Utah - possible research chemica, 5-MeO-DiPT or DMA (DMA is a chemical that is nick named Dr Death for the very reason why it got its name, stay away)

white raptors, blue/green/teal greek/PSI - colorado - piperazine

pink naked lady, orange ferrari - california - various piperazine combos

blue G’s up hoes down (one side has a G, other side has a naked lady) - connecticut - piperazine

blue rolex, yellow lexus - california - piperazine

white ferrari (square shaped pill), white doggy style - canada - pure amphetamine, stay away unless you like that sorta thing.

red/blue monkey/paul frank - virginia area - TFMPP + bzp = piperazine combo, YUCK

green gun/tommy gun - colorado - piperazine, people saying they’re speedy, probably benzylpiperazine

blue dolphin - texas, DFW - piperazine

white playboy (also in yellow) - california - piperazine + another unidentified substance 

green transformer/dicepticon - Pennsylvania - non-active 

red rhino/ecko - cali, bay area - amphetamine, possible Benzylpiperazine

purple transformer/autobot - alabama - piperazine

blue dolphin - minnesota - non-active

blue rolex, white ferrari (outpress) - minnesota - piperazine

purple heart - california - piperazine and MDMA (wtf??)

red star - quebec, canada - piperazine, possible research chemical

blue transformer/autobot, blue homer - georgia - piperazine

blue transformer/autobot - canada - pure caffeine

white naked lady - rhode island - diphenhydramine (the sleeping medicine that’s in childrens night time cough medicine + sleep aids) - possible to overdose on and have a terrible experience that could screw you up for life in some aspects.

blue mac pokeball - california - methylone

yellow naked lady (outpress) - Massachusetts - piperazine combo. edata says TFMPP, benzylpiperazine, and caffeine.

purple mac/apple - california - pure lidocaine (lmao wtf? does nothing, stay away)

pink shell, purple transformer - georgia - piperazine

white/yellow/possible other colored euro - utah - piperazine, possible methylone

yellow pacman - washington - piperazine

pink mitsubishi - california - pure amphetamine

yellow canary/dove - texas - possible piperazine or 5-MeO-DiPT, user experienced intense visuals and hallucinations that lasted until the next day even though he was able to sleep, not a good sign, stay clear

yellow puma - california - non-active

blue/green transformer/dicepticon - Massachusetts - piperazine

white superman - arizona - piperazine

orange pumpkin/shipyard - massachusetts - piperazine

purple/white puma - texas - piperazine

blue superman - utah - piperazine

red/purple g’s up hoes down - connecticut - piperazine

white lexus, pink rhino/ecko, purple stewie - california - piperazine

green nike pokeball - california - piperazine and methamphetamine

white molson dry - canada - pure uncut methamphetamine sulphate, possible PMA

green ecko/rhino - california - possible methylone + methamphetamine or some other kind of upper, maybe another research chemical

green superman - bay area, california - Dextromethorphan, main ingredient in robitussin cough syrup, when mixed with MDMA reaction can be FATAL - STAY AWAY

blue maple leaf, blue blank - manitoba, canada - piperazine

pink cherry - washington - piperazine or possible 2C-P

green rolex pokeball - california - methylone

white blackberry, white pumpkin - canada - pure speed pills.

green FU - oregon - piperazine

green paul frank - florida - piperazine

white guess ?, white budweiser - canada - pure amphetamine pills.

white garfield - utah - piperazine

purple diamond - canada - piperazine

yellow playboy - california - piperazine 

purple maple leaf - utah - DXM (fatal if mixed with MDMA be careful)

blue naked lady - utah - pure methamphetamine, if you like that sorta thing (ive included the picture of what the bunk ones look like as there are good ones circulating as well so its confusing)

blue stewie - new jersey - piperazine

blue butterfly - cali - 5-MeO-DiPT, caffeine

blue telephone - utah - methylone

white garfield, yellow mario, orange mario - california - caffeine, methamphetamine, unidentified

green wheel - canada - 2C-B

purple sirius dog - new york - 5-MeO-DiPT, caffeine

orange monkey, yellow transformer, blue dolphin - louisiana - caffeine

red superman, white mushroom - connecticut - 5-MeO-MiPT

blue transformer - utah - piperazine

blue rolex - minnesota - piperazine

blue monkey, red monkey, red dove, blue naked lady - california - piperazine

purple g spot - connecticut - non-active

blue superman - california - MDMA & piperazine (supposedly, most likely just piperazine)

blue nike - arizona - piperazine

purple transformer, green Z, yellow spade - canada - piperazine and DXM

red yin yang - washington - DXM

light orange dove - colorado - 5-MeO-DiPT

orange pokeball - california - non-active

please reblog to get the word out if you are someone who frequents raves and has raving followers, a lot of raver kids die from this kind of bunk and I would hate to see anyone get hurt because of some idiot who presses bunk into pills for a profit without regard for the consumers safety. thanks in advance, if these get reblogs and the word gets out I’ll continue making them.

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