exclusive list of bunk ecstasy pills in the USA/canada - click to expand (updated 2/13)

Here is the latest and most updated exclusive list of bunk ecstasy pills circulating the USA and Canada. I know I’ve been slacking on updating the bunk list for a good while now (about a month) and so I’ve decided to completely change the list so that it’s easier to read and understand. For those of you who are wondering, bunk is anything NOT MDMA, MDA, or MDE. MDxx & amphetamine is fine unless mentioned otherwise. 

Note: Pills found in the northeast are typically found all over the east coast. So if some of the states are blank, and you live there, but you definitely know there’s pills going around and are confused, it’s because that pill was found in another east coast state. 

Also: I will place pills under the state they were first found in. If they’re all over the place I will mention that next to the specific pill. Pills found in one state can generally be found in surrounding nearby states.



Color and Stamp of pill - suspected contents


Purple Transformer - piperazine (note: do not buy cutouts unless instructed to otherwise by me, 9 times out of 10 cutouts are bunk inside the USA)





Any color rhino - piperazine / methamphetamine

Pink bombshell / gem - piperazine / research chemical

White Yin-Yang - TFMPP, BZP, and caffeine

Any color Lexus - methamphetamine and caffeine

Yellow naked lady - methamphetamine

Any color mitsubishi - amphetamine/methamphetamine

White $ Pokeball - non-active

Yellow Ferrari - piperazine.

Blue Pikachu - MDxx and unknown.

Blue Snoopy - methamphetamine/BZP + trace MDxx

Yellow Superman - methamphetamine and caffeine.

Green Mario Cutout - piperazine / meth + caffeine

Yellow Trident - piperazine.

Purple Naked Lady - amphetamine.

Blue/Red Ecko Rhino - piperazine.

Yellow Thinking Man Pokeball - MDxx and meth. these do contain MDxx like the rest of the pokeballs going around however there is so much meth content in these pills it makes them not worth buying. You wont sleep that night if you take these, you will grind your teeth/clench your jaw out of control and the comedown will be shitty. stay away. 


Beige G Lady - piperazine.

White Ghostbusters - methamphetamine

Pink Star - amphetamine/methamphetamine

White Davinci Code - methamphetamine

White Red Bull - methamphetamine

White zzTop - methamphetamine

red/pink heart - piperazine.

White Ferrari - methamphetamine

White Lego - methamphetamine.

White Warner Brothers - methamphetamine.

White GO - methamphetamine.

Blue Transformer - piperazine.

Blue Paul Frank - piperazine.


Any color dove - benocyclidine, caffeine, and 5-MeO-DiPT. **STAY AWAY** this press has hospitalized many due to the very unsafe combination of drugs in these pills.


Captain Planet - piperazine.

Orange G Lady - piperazine.

Light Blue G Lady - piperazine.

Brown Diamond - unidentified - stay away.

Blue Superman - piperazine.

White G Lady - piperazine.

Orange Heart - piperazine.



Teal/Blue Baseball Player - 5-MeO-DiPT or TFMPP, user reports audio distortions, hallucinations, an effect similar to amphetamines and not being able to sleep that night. 

Any Color Paul Frank - there are so many paul franks circulating the USA right now that I couldn’t list all of the different batches. what I will say is that paul franks/monkeys have the worst reputation of any ecstasy press in the history of ever. they are notorious for containing various drugs, deeming them very unsafe to consume. (example 1 - 2 -3)

Any Color Drummer Boy - definitely sounds like 5-MeO-DiPT or a similar hallucinogenic research chemical.

White Puma - didn’t react to Marquis, probably piperazine. don’t buy the white pumas in FL mistaking them for the dank ones in california, because there’s no way the cali pumas would make it down there anyways.

Red Star - piperazine.

White G Lady - piperazine.

Homer Simpson - piperazine.

Obama - piperazine.


Pink Shell - piperazine.

Blue Heart - piperazine.

Blue New York - piperazine.











Orange Swan - piperazine.


Light Blue Transformer - 5-MeO-DiPT and caffeine.

Pink Transformer - 5-MeO-DiPT and caffeine.

Red Mercedes - piperazine.

Peach New York Yankees - piperazine.




Paul Frank Cutout - 2C-B/5-MeO-DiPT/obscure unknown research chemical





Green Dolphin - methamphetamine OR piperazine

Yellow Butterfly - 5-MeO-DiPT + caffeine

Yellow Playboy - piperazine.

New Hampshire:

New Jersey

New Mexico

New York:

Blue Louis Vuitton - piperazine.

Orange Apple - piperazine.

Blue Dolphin - MDPV and caffeine.

Blue Star of David - piperazine.

Light Blue Star of David - piperazine.

Grey Smiley - piperazine.

Orange Stewie - piperazine.

Blue Heart - piperazine.

Green Heart - piperazine.

Paul Frank Outpress - 5-MeO-DiPT/obscure research chemical/piperazine

North Carolina:

North Dakota:


Blue Sirius Radio Dogs - 5-MeO-DiPT, benocyclidine and caffeine. *STAY AWAY* this combination has hospitalized many users so far. stay away from this press. (thats not to say some people didnt take it and enjoy it, its just generally unsafe and not MDxx.)




Rhode Island:

South Carolina:

South Dakota:



Orange Smiley - methamphetamine.

Yellow Pacman - methamphetamine.

Green Rolex - methamphetamine.

Blue Dolphin - unknown.

Red Airplane - piperazine.

Supermans, Transformers, Green Lantern - piperazine.

White Dragonfly - OBSCURE HALLUCINOGENIC RESEARCH CHEMICAL - POSSIBLE BROMO-DRAGONFLY OR 2C-B - these pills on estimate are some of the smallest pills Ive ever seen, about 140mg in weight, the average pill is like 250-350 in weight, so these pills must contain a small dosage of whatever is in them. Bromo-dragonfly is active in low doses and isn’t sensitive to light like LSD is so it can be placed on/in a pill and sold. However highly unlikely, waiting on eData submission. stay away in the meantime.

Blue Dolphin - methamphetamine / amphetamine 

Green Naked Lady - cocaine/caffeine 

Green Dragonfly - non-active

Blue Naked Lady - amphetamine OR cocaine+caffeine



Virgin Islands:


Green Euro - methamphetamine or piperazine - either way not MDxx, stay away! 

Orange Batman - methamphetamine or piperazine

Teal Canucks - piperazine.

Green Nike - piperazine.

Purple HH - piperazine.

Red Star of David - piperazine.

Green Yin Yang - piperazine.

Purple Monster - piperazine.

Orange Superman - amphetamine / methamphetamine

Blue / Green Puma - piperazine.

Purple Nike - piperazine and caffeine.

Green Hello Kitty - 5-MeO-DiPT and caffeine.

Green Nike - piperazine. 

Green Thinking Man - piperazine.

Orange Batman - piperazine.

West Virginia:



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