do you know anything about purple batman pokeballs by any chance? :3

damn aint it a shame pillreports is down?! most pokeballs are pretty bomb but it really depends on your area, this is for several reasons:

1. Often times people try to copycat the pokeball press that usually makes dank pills, so that people will buy their bunk/weaker pills.

2. WASHINGTON - OREGON area has a pokeball press right now that’s SUPER THIN, like thin as fuck but really wide if that makes sense. Purple maserati pokes, pink maserati pokes, yellow ferrari pokes, they’re all relatively weak for a pokeball press. containing 40-60mg of MDMA I think. Maybe even less. 30-40MG would be accurate actually.

3. Lot of the times if the pill is super thick, fatty, looks like a smackin’ pokeball then it probably is, it’s really hard for imitation presses to look EXACTLY the same but an average user might not recognize the differences at first due to inexperience.

they might be dank or they might not be, lick the pill and tell me if it tastes bitter as fuck!